Spiderweb - Single Fabric Face Mask
Spiderweb - Single Fabric Face Mask
Spiderweb - Single Fabric Face Mask
Spiderweb - Single Fabric Face Mask
Spiderweb - Single Fabric Face Mask
Spiderweb - Single Fabric Face Mask

Spiderweb - Single Fabric Face Mask

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To protect yourself and others.

This is not a replacement for surgical masks, but fabric masks are now an approved alternative due to the current shortage.  Filters must be changed after each use. 
Adult Large - 10" width & 6.75” height
Adult Regular - 9" width & 6” height
For the width, measure from your cheek, over your nose bridge and to your other cheek in inches to determine the best fit.  The height is from the nose bridge to chin. This fit of these masks is snug with a nose wire.  The nose wire is sewn in with an extra secure casing to prevent tearing through the cotton layers.

After extensive research and feedback from healthcare/essential personnel, this batch of masks will have a nose wire and narrow elastic wraparound cording for long-term wear comfort.  The ear loop elastic straps are only recommended for short-term wear.  If you would like small ear loops, mention your preference in the Notes section during checkout. 

Sales of these fabric face masks will be donated to local charities and organizations.   We appreciate any donations through Paypal.  These funds, plus sales of our Face Mask DIY Kits, will help us acquire additional supplies and continue donating free masks for healthcare/essential workers during this crisis.  

If you are a healthcare/essential personnel, please email us at support@agashishop.com for your free mask.  We are all grateful for your service.  

The outer and inner layers are 100% cotton while the outer layer of Spiderweb tulle is flocked 100% polyester.  This was previously sold out, but I was able to find one more yard of this spiderweb mesh.  After these sell out, they will be gone FOREVER.

Care instructions: hand wash after each use with warm water and mild soap/detergent.  Hang or lay flat to dry only.  Do not iron or bleach.  Do not use hot water or high heat drying as this will damage the bat/spiderweb tulle over time.  

Please allow at least 2-4 weeks for these made to order face masks to be finished and shipped.  I am taking precautions and limiting my post office trips to only 1-2 days a week.  You will receive an email with the tracking number after your order has shipped. 

Due to quarantine orders, I am working on orders safely from home.  Kristi & Denise, my amazing Studio Assistants, are safe while cutting & sewing face masks from their homes.  We will continue offering fabric face masks with monthly restocks until supplies last. 

We hope our face masks provide a creepy & cute sense of comfort during these stressful times. 

Stay safe and keep sewing! 
Christina 🦇

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