Bat Cave Decals

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These water slide decals are printed on clear decal paper with a protective acrylic coating. Each set includes 10 decals that are 3/4” wide and 1 3/4” tall. Use these decals over acrylic, gel or any base coat. Choose from a small bat or large bat allover design.


  1. Cut out the desired nail decal
  2. Place into cold or warm water with the image facing down for 5 seconds or until entire decal is soaked.
  3. Remove from water and gently slide the decal off of the white backing with tweezers.
  4. Dab off any excess water on a lint free cotton square or paper towel.
  5. Place onto the nail and use your finger or silicone nail art tool to smooth out the decal.  Gently file away any excess using the same direction to avoid tearing the decal.
  6. Apply a top coat and seal the edges and cure.


Tips for the best results

  1. These decals will not adhere well on dry/buffed nails.  They will work best on a tacky layer of base or top coat.  After curing, do not wipe off the tacky layer for the desired results.
  2. Do not stretch these decals too much or they will tear.  These decals must be damp, but not too dry or wet for the best results.
  3. They can be used on natural, gel & acrylic nails.

A detailed tutorial is coming to Christina’s YouTube Channel.

New designs will be available soon!!

Production Time: These made to order decals will be shipped within 3-5 business days. If your decals are ordered with made to order items, your decals will be shipped separately as soon as they are completed.