Cauldron of Bats Fabric Face Mask

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This is not a replacement for surgical masks, but fabric masks are now an approved alternative due to the current shortage.  These masks have a filter pocket.  Filters are not included, but must be changed after each use. 
Adult Large - 10" width & 6.75” height
Adult Regular - 9" width & 6” height
Child (Age 7-12 years) - 8.5" width & 5.5" height
Child (Age 3-6 years) - 7.5" width & 5" height

At this time only the following colors are available: Black, Dark Purple, Red and Hot Pink Bats.

For the width, measure from your cheek, over your nose bridge and to your other cheek in inches to determine the best fit.  The height is from the nose bridge to chin. This fit of these masks is snug with a nose wire.  The nose wire is sewn in with an extra secure casing to prevent tearing through the cotton layers.

The black outer and inner/filter pocket layers are 100% cotton while the outer layer of upcycled Bat pattern tulle is flocked 100% polyester. 

Care instructions: hand wash after each use with warm water and mild soap/detergent.  Hang or lay flat to dry only.  Do not iron or bleach.  Do not use hot water or high heat drying as this will damage the bat/spiderweb tulle over time.  

Please allow 1 - 3 weeks for this item to ship. You will receive an email with the tracking number after your order has shipped.  If face masks are ordered with made to order items, your face mask will not be shipped separately to avoid extra shipping material waste and extra postage.