Sew your own clothes with me!

I've been talking about this for years and it's finally happening!  As my made-to-order queue keeps shrinking, I will be sharing sewing tutorials on my Youtube Channel 'Reap What You Sew' beginning later this month.  Be sure to subscribe to my channel if you're interested in sewing your own clothes.  I can't wait to teach more and help you grow your own sustainable wardrobe, including mending tips to help your fast fashion clothes last longer.

The first few sewing projects will be from free sewing patterns from Mood Fabrics.  Mood offers a huge variety of free sewing patterns, which is great for sewists of all levels.  I'll be adding my favorite bat wing details to many of the designs as an additional sewing hack. 

Below are some of the first tutorials later this month.  My written instructions will be available in this blog as an alternative to my video tutorials.  

D’arcy Bralette

Sylvan Tank Dress Set 

My goal this year is to offer a few sewing tutorials a month and grow my Paper Bats digital product collection.  I have some easy & fun Halloween DIY projects to share next month too!  Hope you are ready to start sewing & making. 

Comment below with any sewing/DIY questions!!

Christina <3

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