Christina O - Owner / Designer

Agashi by Christina O is a Couture, Lingerie, Loungewear & Accessories Collection.

We are independently owned and operated in Philadelphia, PA and sold world-wide. Agashi began by catering to burlesque performers nationwide and can be seen at some of the top Las Vegas venues worn by professional dance production teams. After almost a decade of experimenting with different styles and designs, Agashi (pronounced Ah-gah-shee) was finally created in early 2013. The literal translation of the Korean term “Agashi” means a beautiful young lady. My designs are heavily influenced by gothic elements and balance a masculine/feminine aesthetic, which I convey in all of my pieces. My mission is to help females embrace their womanhood and to feel more confident by wearing my designs. I want my customers to look good, but more importantly feel good. Thanks for visiting and be sure to sign up for email updates. Follow me on Instagram @agashibychristinao too!


For all questions regarding custom orders, wholesales, or general inquiries: please email  Your email will be replied to in the order it was received, please allow a full business day for a response.


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